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Lectin Fit

“I want to know my Plant Paradox genes”

Be the master of your health. Finely tune your diet using your 23andMe raw data. Complete the picture with the results from our expert analysis.
✔  Good or Bad Lectin Genes
✔  Plant Sensitivity
✔  Response To Vegetables and Fruit lectin poisons
✔  Possible Modified Gundry Diet Solutions
✔  Body Hacking Solutions
✔  Alternative Diet Suggestions

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4 Easy Steps To Discovering If You Need To Eat A Gundry Diet With Your Genes

#1: Download Your Raw Genome File

23andMe: upload the zipped text file downloaded from 23andMe. How to get your raw genetic data: login and then go to 23andMe raw data download page and request your raw data.

#2 Upload Your File Here

Once you have downloaded your raw data from 23andMe on your device, you can upload it in the Upload your file section above to generate your anonymous lectin genes report.

#3 Your Data Is Processing

Once your raw file is uploaded, we begin to process your data through our system. The wait isn’t long… less than 10 minutes. You will be notified when your results are generated.

#4 Your Results Are Ready!

The wait is over! Do you have lectin sensitivity? Maybe you need a modified Plant Paradox diet or a different diet altogether? See your recommendations now.
Our Lectin DNA software combines your genes with the popular Gundry Diet nutritional plan.
Each analysis results in a personalized report based on science, not trends.
Our program takes the guesswork out of achieving your goals.

Lectin Free Diet And Your Genes

To use our service with your data, you need to be genotyped. Our program works with the data from 23andMe is not a sponsor of this application and only you can provide consent for our app to access this data.

Our program needs to access the raw data available in your 23andMe file in order to properly decode your Gundry Diet genes. We do not store or use this data in any other way other than to use the information to generate the report. Your sensitive data is safe and secure with us.

We approach security exactly how we want our sensitive information and data treated. Your knowledge is our priority, not selling your information to pharmaceutical companies, research organizations or government institutions.

Privacy Policy Disclosure:

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. During processing, the SNP data needed for the Gundry Diet Gene analysis. After the extraction, the 23andme file is deleted completely. The extracted SNP data is not stored.

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